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What are some of the reported benefits of taking ormus?
Ormus Minerals - Mental Benefits
⦁    Clearer Thinking 
⦁    Developed Intuition 
⦁    Emotional Healing 
⦁    Greater Clarity and Focus 
⦁    Heightened Senses 
⦁    Sense of Being Fully Present 
⦁    Sense of Calm 
⦁    Thought Manifestation
Ormus Minerals - Physical Benefits
⦁    Aids Intestinal Tract Absorption of Food Particles 
⦁    Body Cells' Generation of Hydroelectric Energy 
⦁    Body Cells' Hydration and Nourishment 
⦁    Body Cells' Regeneration and Communication 
⦁    Body Cells' Rejuvenation 
⦁    Improves Vision 
⦁    Increases Electrolytes 
⦁    Increases Energy 
⦁    Prevents Muscle Cramps 
⦁    Promotes Bone Strength 
⦁    Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar 
⦁    Promotes Healthy Cellular PH Balance 
⦁    Promotes Healthy DNA & RNA 
⦁    Promotes Healthy Immune System Function

Imaginary Visions offers COLD LASER HEALING  in the Reeders  AND SURROUNDING area. Learn more about our specialized approach, talented staff and the benefits of turning to us for your health and wellness needs. Browse through our website to find out how we can put you on a healthy track for life.

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My BEST friend's 

personal results with:


*No  More Panic Attacks

Her 8 year old urinary problem gone.

*Regular Bowel movements

*Back pain gone after rubing a small amount on her back.

*Immune system strengthened by way of seeing illness recovery talking one day instead of one week to get over minor ailments.

*Much more peaceful under stressful times

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