SACRED GOLD    

Spirituality  -   Asension

My Project Hence completed having united with The ONE via His gift.  

Is  instantly available to anyone on the planet who seeks.


ORMUS GOLD - The Elixir of Life - Mono Atomic Gold


The Omnipresent Spirit of Life, through the Will of the eternal Mother-Father God, the All-Creator, ...
manifests the material Universe of Universes at first by condensing the Creative Will into the all-encompassing Ether.


The 'I AM" realization of the One-Most-Holy granted eternally to the "THAT I AM" - creation realization.

As the Ether further condenses, the potential of all elements is differentiated, thus manifesting into their monoatomic states.


This high-spin, superfluid and superconductive first state of matter builds the light- and life-force-bridge
between the realm of the Creative Spirit and all material manifestation.


The noblest rays of this Essence/Elixir of Life later on condense as precious, noble metals - foremost gold, iridium and platinum.


The Alchemists quest to turn these noble metals back into their monoatomic state is hence not a process of “breaking them down” but rather of elevating them back to a high-spin state where they can perform their noble task of channeling light and life towards the soul, thus transforming the coarse into the more ethereal.


First realized Then Accomplished

Love & Forgiveness allows nothing to stand in your way of  completely Being.

RB 9/1/2014 ©


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My BEST friend's 

personal results with:


*No  More Panic Attacks

Her 8 year old urinary problem gone.

*Regular Bowel movements

*Back pain gone after rubing a small amount on her back.

*Immune system strengthened by way of seeing illness recovery talking one day instead of one week to get over minor ailments.

*Much more peaceful under stressful times

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